Saturday, January 24, 2009

Buddy Guy: Virgin Blog Post

My Hero, Mr. Buddy Guy, for 10 whole minutes:

I could not start a Brand New Blues Blog with a more appropriate homage. I love this man because of his personality while performing, his mad guitar skills and that sexy voice. I was fortunate enough to see "Experience Hendrix" at the Tower Theater last year. I went with my ex-bf, who is also a huge Blues fan. His collection of CD's is astounding and first rate. There is nothing better than going to a concert with someone whose passion for the music matches your own. Someone who truly "gets it". One of my goals for this Humble blog is to create a network of Blues Friends to share info and attend events with. In today's economy, it's hard to get a Non-Blues friend (NBF from now on) to shell out money for a concert ticket, if they don't absolutely love the artist.

Here is the best pic I took of Buddy from the show. The quality is low but it was the best one I got.

Here is the post I did from my Art Blog:

"Drum Roll Please, My HERO, Mr. Buddy Guy. He is singing here "when I was a young boy, I used to play with RattleSnakes" and I BELIEVE HIM. He is bad, very, very, bad. If I was the kind of girl to throw her panties on the stage, they would have been airborne. But alas, those days are SO OVER that even DOGS KNOW THAT THEY ARE OVER."

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