Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cowboy Junkies

The first week of April is going to be Music Magic. First, I found out that Walter Trout is coming to town, and now I see that the Cowboy Junkies will be at the same venue, The Scottish Rite Auditorium, on Wed. April 1. Yeah, I bought tickets for that too! The cat is staying home this time, for this one I managed to get a real date!! The only album I ever purchased by the CJ's was "The Trinity Session". The Trinity church is a small historic church located in downtown Toronto where the band recorded this album in one day in 1998. I played the album constantly, the songs are so haunting, especially "Misguided Angel". Margo Timmins' voice is so mournfully sexy.

The feeling you get listening to "The Trinity Session" is described so perfectly on the CJ website by Mike Timmons. He writes:

"The beauty of the Trinity Session is that what you are hearing is exactly what went on in the church that day. Nine people communicating openly and honestly with one another through their musical instruments. It is a rare thing to come across in this day and age of hard sell and celebrity. The day following the session I went over to Margo's house with some cassette copies of the session. Coincidentally our mother was there. She had dropped in after doing an errand downtown. We put on the tape and listened in silence. After it was all over we sat there a little overwhelmed by what we had heard. Two days earlier this had not existed, now it was here and it was ours forever. My mother, clearly moved by what she had just heard, said, "my god, it's like you've just given birth to a baby". I suppose we had. "

Here is the album info:

01. Mining For Gold

02. Misguided Angel

03. Blue Moon Revisited (Song For Elvis)

04. I Don't Get It

05. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

06. To Love Is To Bury

07. 200 More Miles

08. Dreaming My Dreams With You

09. Working On A Building

10. Sweet Jane

11. Postcard Blues

12. Walking After Midnight

Original Release Date: 1988

Producer: Peter MooreEngineers: Peter Moore assisted by Perren Baker Production Notes: Cowboy Junkies: Margo Timmins (vocals); Michael Timmins (guitar); Alan Anton (bass); Peter Timmins (drums). Additional personnel: John Timmins (guitar, background vocals); Kim Deschamps (guitars, dobro); Jeff Bird (fiddle, mandolin, harmonica); Steve Shearer (harmonica); Jaro Czerwinec (accordion). Recorded live at The Church Of The Holy Trinity, Toronto, Canada on November 27, 1987.

And now, Twenty years later, the CJ's are doing The Trinity Session Revisited. I can't wait to be part of that. Until then here is a Musical Montage of what is in store for us Wednesday night, April 1, 2009.


Walter Trout Is Coming To Town.......

I have excellent news to share, fellow Blues Fans! Walter Trout is coming to the Scottish Rite Auditorium in Collingswood, NJ, on Sat April 4. This man has SICK guitar skills. Yeah, I already got 2 tickets. The seats are very good too, First Row of the Right Center Mezzanine, aisle seats, my favorite place to be! I don't care if I have to take my cat, Buddy Guy or BG for short, I'm going!!! I'm going to have WAY MORE than $37 of Good Time! Until then, I leave you with this:

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jimi Hendrix Foxy Lady

That's Billy Cox on Bass and Mitch Mitchell on Drums. Dig Mitch's Hair! The Rainbow Bridge concert was filmed in 1970 in Hawaii. Click on link to get more information. And to think I got to see these guys! If only Jimi were here.....xoBluesChild

Experience Hendrix

My photos from the Tower Theater, FIFTH row!
Here is Mr. Billy Cox, an original bass player with Hendrix. Here is an article and interview with Billy Cox about his experience!

Mr. Kenny Wayne Shepherd. Very hot. Amazing guitarist. What's not to like???

I didn't get a good shot of KWS and Noah Hunt so here is a photo is from the Experience Hendrix Website:

Another EH website photo. I wasn't able to get one of Doyle Bramhall II.

Mr. Hubert Sumlin getting his groove on:

Since there is no eye contact going on, here's one from the EH website:

Hubert and The Man, Mr. Buddy Guy:

Gratuitous shot of Buddy from EH website, just because, well it's my blog, dammit.

Mr. Eric Gales: His version of Foxy Lady was....oh so foxy.....

Jonny Lang. Amazing. He makes me believe in God. Almost. Photo from EH website.
Rest In Peace, Mr. Mitch Mitchell, original drummer with Hendrix. Photo from EH website.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Buddy Guy: Virgin Blog Post

My Hero, Mr. Buddy Guy, for 10 whole minutes:

I could not start a Brand New Blues Blog with a more appropriate homage. I love this man because of his personality while performing, his mad guitar skills and that sexy voice. I was fortunate enough to see "Experience Hendrix" at the Tower Theater last year. I went with my ex-bf, who is also a huge Blues fan. His collection of CD's is astounding and first rate. There is nothing better than going to a concert with someone whose passion for the music matches your own. Someone who truly "gets it". One of my goals for this Humble blog is to create a network of Blues Friends to share info and attend events with. In today's economy, it's hard to get a Non-Blues friend (NBF from now on) to shell out money for a concert ticket, if they don't absolutely love the artist.

Here is the best pic I took of Buddy from the show. The quality is low but it was the best one I got.

Here is the post I did from my Art Blog:

"Drum Roll Please, My HERO, Mr. Buddy Guy. He is singing here "when I was a young boy, I used to play with RattleSnakes" and I BELIEVE HIM. He is bad, very, very, bad. If I was the kind of girl to throw her panties on the stage, they would have been airborne. But alas, those days are SO OVER that even DOGS KNOW THAT THEY ARE OVER."